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Characteristics of Dyslexia

The most prevalent characteristic of a learner with dyslexia is inconsistency. Interestingly, the dyslexic learner often displays certain characteristics very consistently. Remember, each learner is unique in his compilation of characteristics; however, these characteristics can vary from day-to-day or minute-to-minute. A learner with dyslexia will not display all of these characteristics, but when a variety of these describe a learner, dyslexia is the issue.

Does the learner . . . .?

  • Omit or substitute small words when reading?
  • Recognize a word in one sentence, but shortly thereafter come upon the same word with no recognition?
  • Demonstrate reversals with letters when reading and/or writing and is third grade or beyond?
  • Demonstrate reversals with numerals and is third grade or beyond?
  • Rub or squint eyes or change facial expressions when trying to read?
  • Display constant movement of body when reading?
  • Complain of dizziness, headaches or stomach aches while reading?
  • Often leave out vowels when spelling, spell phonetically, or choose letters that do not make sense?
  • Write down all the correct letters of a spelling word, but sequence them out of order?
  • Correctly spell and misspell the same words within the same composition?
  • Complain of text moving on the page as he reads?

Are strengths observable with . . .?

  • Talents in the arts, drama, and/or music?
  • Talents in the area of sports?
  • Building skills such as with Legos, Knex, blocks, models, etc.?
  • Building an object without using directions to complete the task?
  • Ambidexterity?
  • Listening comprehension, but not reading comprehension?
  • Determining math answers, but cannot explain how he got the answer?
  • Remembering details about past experiences that should have likely been forgotten?
  • Telling stories and easily socializing with people of all ages?
  • Hearing sounds that are there, but not readily apparent to others?
  • Out-of-the-box problem solving ideas?
  • Remembering various and specific movie lines?
  • Noting observations and details, especially with areas of interest?
  • Compassion and care for others?

Are weaknesses observable with . . .?

  • Legibility of penmanship. Does it deteriorate further the longer he writes?
  • Learning and retaining one's address and phone numbers?
  • Being able to tie shoes?
  • Learning alphabet letters, alphabet order, and/or alphabetizing skills?
  • Attaching sounds to letters and letter combinations?
  • Blending sounds together fluently to decode words?
  • Fluent reading?
  • Transferring thoughts easily on paper?
  • Choosing the correct word for fill-in-the-blank sentences, even when a word bank is offered?
  • Accurately estimating time passage or reading an analog clock?
  • Learning rote memory skills such as math facts or remembering a list of sequenced items?
  • Differentiating homophones/homonyms?
  • An unusual pencil grip and the ability to recopy words/numbers accurately?

Has it been said that your child . . .?

  • Appears intelligent, but he is unable to read, write, or spell at grade level?
  • Is simply lazy, immature, a behavior problem, or does not try hard enough?
  • Does not qualify for an IEP because the discrepancy is not wide enough, despite the fact he is not demonstrating grade level work?
  • Is one of the first ones to understand the oral concepts presented in class, but then does poorly on the written work associated with topic?
  • Seems to "zone out" or be distracted during teacher instruction time?
  • Displays poor organizational skills and has a messy desk, notebooks, etc?
  • Lacks tenacity with problem solving and gives up too easily?
  • Frequently has late or missing assignments?
  • Does not ask for help when needed?
  • Spends too much time talking to others during classtime?
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