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Beyond letters, words can also create confusion.

Non-picture words create high levels of confusion. Note how a simple sentence may easily compromise comprehension for a student who relies on pictures from words. Note the three picture words in bold print.

Kelly and Jess are in a play.

Accurate comprehension Comprehension of picture words only

Learners with dyslexia often struggle to make sense of written text. In contrast, they often demonstrate strengths with building capabilities, creative talents, and listening comprehension.

Multi-sensory and tactile methods are essential elements to implement when working with these learners. They best learn through use of movement, such as role play, and creative building opportunities. When students can build, see, and touch a concept, learning and comprehension occurs.
With—to accompany
Went—moved, past tense of go
The—that one
The—that one which is here, or that one which is mentioned
All students obtain concept meanings of words because activities adapt to a range of ages, skills, and developmental levels.

Variable—a quantity that is unknown and is represented by an alphabetical letter
Thought—the act of thinking
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