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Dyslexic learners are “picture thinkers,” but more specifically, they are “three-dimensional picture thinkers.” They hold the ability to run a movie in their mind most of the time. This talent allows them to show strengths with building, designing, mechanical thinking, strategic planning, partaking in fine arts areas, and/or competing in athletics. They often have the “uncanny knack” to solve problems before the steps to solve them are completed. Unfortunately, this same strength also may create numerous academic struggles with reading, writing, spelling, and/or math. As a result, parents know their child is intelligent, but it is documented otherwise through their school work.

All learners fall somewhere within the spectrum of the two processes of thought:

VERBAL (2-D processes) NONVERBAL (3-D processes)

Auditory learners, linear thinkers,
Strong readers and writers,
Thinks in words when reading

Visual-spatial learners, kinesthetic learners
Poor readers/writers,
Often dependent on pictures to read

Learners with dyslexic thinking tendencies are able to move objects around in their mind to different perspectives for problem solving. Some are able to change the perspective from which they view the object.

Learn how non-verbal thinking abilities may create confusion when reading:

1. 2–D symbol vs. 3–D object
2. Same 2-D symbol (new perspective)
vs. Same 3–D object (new perspective)
3. Same 2-D symbol (new perspective) vs. Same 3–D object (new perspective)
4. Same 2-D symbol (new perspective) vs. Same 3–D object (new perspective)

Each rotation of the 2-D letter symbol, results in a new name. From four different perspectives, the letter “b” can be viewed as: b, d,q, p, P, 6, 9, or a music note.

The 3–D object never changes its name, no matter how many turns or rotations.

Alphabetical letters can easily create confusion. Confusion triggers disorientation. Disorientation is a natural thinking style of a dyslexic person. While it contributes to creative thought processes, it also causes academic mistakes and distractibility.

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