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Dyslexia IS. . .

A way of thinking based on visual-spatial talents

A three - dimensional thought process

Often labeled as an auditory processing or a visual perception deficiency

Something that can be helped at its root level

Both a gift and a challenge

Dyslexics. . .

Have vivid imaginations

Remember incredible details from various experiences they’ve done

Are smart, but often unable to prove it in school

Often love to build and create with their hands

Are creative, “out of the box,” thinkers

Are very curious about how/why things work

Think mainly in pictures

Avoid written instructions, yet easily complete a 3-D project

Experience high levels of confusion with language symbols

Create excellent mental thoughts, but cannot transfer thoughts to paper

Often become highly successful individuals

Dyslexia is NOT. . .

Something one “outgrows”

A disease

A process to be ashamed of

Best “fixed” with “tricks” and compensatory methods

"Dyslexia affects one in five children—ten million children in America alone," according to Dr. Sally Shawitz, a leading dyslexia researcher from Yale University. Most importantly, each individual is unique in the compilations of characteristics. Once you’ve met one dyslexic, you’ve met one.
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