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1. Does Smart Start Center have availability for new clients?
    With the on-set of COVID-19 and my husband's retirement, I have transitioned from full-time work to part time. I am always willing to answer questions from anyone who asks, even when I do not have availability for services. Do not hesitate to call, if you have questions.
2. Is a dyslexic diagnosis required in order to receive services here?
    No. I service clients who do not have any type of diagnosis to those who have a variety of documented language deficiencies. Often times, the dyslexic learner experiences many academic struggles in the classroom, but will not qualify for special services when tested through the IEP process. Nevertheless, service to remedy the situation is needed.
3. My child is a good reader, but really struggles in math. Do you provide math tutoring?
    Yes. Math is also an area heavily concentrated with 2-dimensional symbols and abstract vocabulary which can cause confusions. Previously, I have provided math tutoring services for clients from elementary ages through college algebra.
4. My child often complains of tummy aches or headaches when reading or
    completing homework. Is this really a concern, or is he just trying to get out of
    his work?
    Yes, this is a concern. No, he is not making up excuses. Physical ailments often indicate that a student is experiencing disorientation due to the work before him. Avoidance of the work is the child's only means of stopping the disorienting feelings.
5. My child’s handwriting is very poor and may be illegible by the end of an
    assignment. Can this be remedied?
    Yes. Multi-sensory and movement activities providing opportunities for the child to explore the different lines and designs help resolve illegible penmanship. Through activities better known as "play," a child can learn to improve and control his penmanship.
6. Can adults find help at Smart Start Center?
    Yes. Adults seeking services bring with them maturity and high levels of motivation to resolve life-long confusions. Smart Start Dyslexia Correction Center has tutored adults who are high school graduates, current college students, and college graduates.
7. What areas do your tutoring services cover?
    » Dyslexia (Strategies to Aid Academic Success)
    » Reading Deficiencies (Decoding and Comprehension)
    » Spelling Deficiencies
    » Composition / Writing Deficiencies
    » Dysgraphia (Penmanship Deficiencies)
    » Dyscalculia (Math Challenges)
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