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1. What should be my first steps in deciding if this program fits me or my child?
    Research is the first step to determine any program that best suits your needs. Read The Four-Step Process to aid your research about Davis programs and services offered at Smart Start Dyslexia Correction Center.
2. Is a dyslexic diagnosis required in order to receive services here?
    No. I service clients who do not have any type of diagnosis to those who have a variety of documented language deficiencies. Often times, the dyslexic learner experiences many academic struggles in the classroom, but will not qualify for special services when tested through the IEP process. Nevertheless, service to remedy the situation is needed.
3. My child is a good reader, but really struggles in math. Can this program help?
    Yes. Math is also an area heavily concentrated with 2-dimensional symbols and abstract vocabulary. Davis intervention provides for the student to resolve confusions at the root level of math development, while meeting the visual-spatial learning style. Refer to Services to determine the math program that best meets your needs.
4. My child often complains of tummy aches or headaches when reading or
    completing homework. Is this really a concern, or is he just trying to get out of
    his work?
    Yes, this is a concern. No, he is not making up excuses. Physical ailments often indicate that a student is experiencing disorientation due to the work before him. The Davis program specializes in resolving disorientation issues that occur when students are reading or writing. Avoidance of the work is their only means of stopping the disorienting feelings. Specialized intervention is necessary to resolve the problem.
5. My child’s handwriting is very poor, and may be illegible by the end of an
    assignment. Can this be remedied?
    Yes. This is another example of the child experiencing disorientation. Once the child is taught how to control his focus and perceptions through Davis focusing methods, legible penmanship is obtainable.
6. Can adults find help through the Davis program?
    Yes. Adult programs are especially rewarding for all involved. Adults seeking services bring with them maturity and high levels of motivation to resolve life-long confusions. Smart Start Dyslexia Correction Center has serviced adults who are high school graduates, current college students, and college graduates.
7. What learning problems can the Davis programs help solve?
    » Dyslexia
    » General reading disability
    » Dysgraphia (penmanship deficiencies)
    » Dyscalculia (math challenges)
    » Dyspraxia (coordination and balance difficulties)
    » Auditory processing difficulties
    » ADD/ADHD (attention deficit disorder/attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)
    » Challenges with concepts of sequence, time, order/disorder, and organization
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