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Truly exceptional teachers hold a passion for what they do each day in the classroom. For me, the meaning of "passion" raised another level when I discovered our son was likely a dyslexic learner. He had excellent elementary teachers, yet no one was able to teach him to "break the code" of how to read. As 3rd grade proceeded, he struggled immensely to read a first-grade reader. Two more nightmares for him: spelling and writing.

I knew then no one would care more about his educational welfare than me, so it was up to me to find an answer. Through much research, I found the Davis® methods. I soon learned how this program stood apart from others. It truly met the needs of my dyslexic thinking child because it provided visual methods for him to learn to control his attention and visual perceptions. It also addressed the root of his dyslexic issues: the 2-dimensional letters that prevented him from automatic thought processes of his 3-dimensionally minded brain.

That same child is now a young professional who will provide testament to others that he embraces being a dyslexic thinker. Although he worked exceptionally hard to be successful in school, he also enjoys the creative strengths and out-of-box thinking that comes naturally to him. He deserves credit for his strong work ethic. His biggest reward came to fruition when he was awarded a four-year academic scholarship to SDSU and became a four-year varsity student-athlete. This narrative outlines our personal journey, but I want this story to provide hope to parents of dyslexic learners and to learners with dyslexia of all ages. Finding the right educational options to match one's learning style will begin a pathway to success for students with dyslexia.

All students have the natural desire to learn and excel. That trait quickly disappears when the teaching methods do not match well to one's learning style. Despite a high intelligence level, a student's ability to learn will be severely affected when one's learning style is not being met. When traditional methods in school are not producing results for a child, a different pathway must form to meet with academic success.

Smart Start Dyslexia Correction Center has serviced clients from seven different states and the District of Columbia. Students range from age five through adulthood, with 54 years of age being the oldest client serviced. Adults have included college students, college graduates, and parents from all walks of life. One is never too old or too far along in the educational process to change academic related struggles. Call today, if you are looking for a new direction for your child or yourself.

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