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Finding the right match of instruction for one who is struggling in school, but is obviously intelligent, is a process. In all cases, the first step is the same: Research. This essential step must be completed in order to make good decisions to best match the welfare of one’s child or the adult seeking services.

The two most important areas to research are:

1. The Program–Does it match well with your child’s learning style? Are your child’s strengths, personality, and interests taken into account? Do the activities allow creative thought or are they repetitious and incorporate drill? What successes are produced?

2. The Educator–What level of skills and training has been completed? How well does the educator’s personality connect with your child? What philosophies does the educator hold? How many years of experience?


The Davis Program

  • Check 37 Common Characteristics of Dyslexia for comparison
  • Click on for a free informal screening of dyslexia
  • Read The Gift of Dyslexia, by Ronald D. Davis: Better understand the dyslexic learner (or visual-spatial) learner related to language arts area
  • Read The Gift of Learning, by Ronald D. Davis: Outlines dyslexic (or visual-spatial) learner and handwriting, math, and attention deficit issues
  • Click on to visit the Davis home site
  • Request a free consultation and/or informational packet from Smart Start Dyslexia Correction Center.
  • Call 605-692-1785 to speak personally with Kim Carson and ask further questions

The Educator: Kim Carson


  • Call 605-692-1785 to schedule either a morning or afternoon appointment
  • Assessment includes separate time with both the student and the parent(s)
  • Determines needs, goals, and compatibility to a potential Davis program
  • Written evaluation provided post-assessment


Support Training included with consecutive 5-day programs.
Post-Program follow-up support included.


  • Client applies skills at home based on activity schedule determined in Support Training
  • Consistent application of the skills continues to build academic improvements and maximize success
  • Most applications integrate directly into assigned school work
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