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Smart Start Dyslexia Correction Center Services Overview

Smart Start Center is owned and operated solely by Kim Carson, with 20 years of experience in the field of dyslexia. When working with students, including adults, Kim utilizes a variety of methods incorporating multi-sensory components that best match the individual's learning style and needs.

Due to undergraduate work targeted in education and human development, Kim believes the four areas of human development (physical, intellectual, social, and emotional) are intertwined as one's development progresses. The strengths or weaknesses of one area directly affects the strengths or weaknesses of the other areas. A child who lags behind peers with physical coordination skills often demonstrate decreased social skills with peers, which in turn directly affects emotional well-being. Imagine how doubly exciting it is for a child to not only improve reading skills, but also learns to jump rope for the first time! Tutoring sessions at Smart Start Center include more than addressing only the academic struggles.

All tutoring work at Smart Start Center is conducted one-on-one with Kim Carson. It is guaranteed the client will not be shifted between a variety of tutors, as often occurs in other learning centers. This consistency builds a relationship of trust between the educator and the client. Building trust and addressing all areas of development creates increased levels in self-esteem in the learner. Increased confidence is the foundation for improving academic skill sets.

Kim believes learning is fun, and she wishes for her students to share that same philosophy. Guiding students to create a growth mind-set is a key foundation for her students to develop in the path of being a life-long learner. Using a multitude of interactive and creative teaching methods, Kim guides her students to attain academic concepts, while also guiding them to believe in themselves and to understand how they individually best learn.

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