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Successes - 2020

Learning is fun when you go to Kim. She makes it easy. She makes me feel really happy when I am there. She helps me with things I can't figure out or do on my own. She makes me feel smart and tells me to be myself.
    —Bryxx, age 10

Kim Carson, in a word, is a Blessing. We really don't know where we would be without her. Our son has gained confidence in himself in a time when he felt like he couldn't learn. Kim showed him he CAN learn; he just learns differently from others. Kim has a knack for reaching children. She finds their strengths, follows their interests, and helps them find success. Our son is excited to go to Smart Start. He always leaves with renewed confidence in his abilities and armed with tools to take back to the classroom. Kim is an advocate for our son and a resource for our school's staff. We are so thankful to have found Kim Carson of the Smart Start Dyslexia Correction Center.
    —Dan & LeAnne, Bryxx's parents

Taken from a letter (with permission) written to Kim Carson by Jennifer. . .

My favorite things you have taught me:

1. I'm not stupid. In fact, I'm smart! My brain is just wired differently.
3. Even though I see the big picture, I need to take it step-by-step and not get overwhelmed.
4. Your continued help is such a blessing. God blessed me, that's for sure!

    —Jennifer, current college student living in North Carolina

We have two daughters with varying degrees of dyslexia who have benefitted greatly from Kim's dyslexia interventions. Our first daughter has a more mild form of dyslexia that Kim helped identify and then referred us onto the Scottish Rite for a formal diagnosis. Miranda received an intensive 1:1 program with Kim that launched her into independent reading. Through the years, Miranda would see Kim for various remediation reminders and tutoring that helped her become a now successful Dean's List college student.

Adrien, our next daughter with dyslexia, has a more moderate form of dyslexia. To our delight, Kim designed a separate and different program for Adrien to concentrate on her individual needs. She too has experienced growth and reading achievement due to Kim's 1:1 instruction and intervention skills.

Kim is a professional, patient, and a true expert in the dyslexia field. However, what is most important to us, is that Kim understands that dyslexia affects the self-esteem of learners. She makes it her utmost goal to not just remediate reading, but to re-build confidence and positivity into the souls of learners she works with. Our daughters would not be where they are today: successful, independent learners who know how to compensate for the reading weaknesses they display, without Kim's wise, gentle, and amazing teaching abilities and style. We cannot speak more highly of a person in our region who can help turn around a struggling reader with no confidence, into an achieving learner with positive self-esteem.
    —Craig & Jodi Ysbrand

I came to Kim Carson to get tutoring help with College Algebra. She is able to pinpoint the things I never understood before, but didn't see those things to be the problem. She has helped me make more connections with my math than I thought possible. That makes me excited to conquer more than just math, which makes me feel excited for the future.
    —Jenn, non-trad adult college student

Kim has been such a blessing for our boys!  She tutors them on a regular basis and helps us navigate 504 meetings with school administrators.  She works with teachers, so they have a better understanding of our children, and she always knows how to give the confidence needed to succeed! We are very thankful for Kim's expertise!
    —Ron & Jami, parents

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