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The Missing Piece

What is DLS?

  • A set of learning strategies providing life-long skills
  • A visual-kinesthetic approach providing children with skills and knowledge at the foundational level
  • Strategies that complement any curriculum already in place
  • Strategies meeting the needs of all learners within a classroom
  • Strategies that teach basic symbols of reading while corresponding to child’s developmental level
  • Project-based learning

Why does it work?

  • Children are taught focusing strategies
  • Children are taught to self-regulate their behaviors
  • Project based learning fully involves each student
  • Creativity is included; students learn on a much higher level than memorization only
  • Provides mastery: learning where conscious thought is no longer required
  • All real knowledge is experiential, as is Davis Learning Strategies

Who needs DLS training?

  • PreK – 3 classroom teachers
  • Support services: SPED/Resource Room, Title I, Reading Recovery, After-school tutoring
  • Homeschool Teachers
  • Administrators–to better support trained staff

What results from its use?

  • Improved student achievement proficiency
  • Reduced constant re-teaching
  • Enhanced classroom management

When is the next scheduled class?

Where do I find more information?

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